Tasman Bridge to Close for Bank of us Run The Bridge

The Tasman Bridge will be closed to vehicles for the first time for the 2018 Bank of us Run The Bridge. 
January 22, 2018

Following months of liaison with Tasmanian Police, State Growth, Altus Traffic and Epic Events and Marketing, the decision has been made to close the Tasman Bridge for the 2018 Bank of us Run The Bridge. 

The closure will occur from 7am – 9am on Sunday 18th February. 

Previously the event had three lanes of the five-lane bridge closed.  Now four lanes will be made available to participants, with the northern most lane for emergency vehicles only.  For participants it will mean greater safety and a thrilling experience, as the Hobart Jaguar 5k and Menzies 5k Walk events will start on the Tasman Bridge, right where the 5km mark is for the Bank of us 10km race.  

“We’re excited about the opportunities that this advancement brings to the event.  It’s a significant undertaking, but it’s all to ensure participants can enjoy themselves in a safe environment,” Race Director Richard Welsh said.  

Tasmania currently has the most number of overweight and obese residents, at 67.5% and has the lowest rate in the country of those that participate in sufficient physical activity, according to the 2014/2015 National Health Survey.  

"These health statistics are highly alarming and society needs events like this so people can lead a healthy and active lifestyle, then test themselves at a major event," Welsh said.  

A comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement Plan has been prepared, including working with the Hobart Airport and Airlines, councils, Tasports, tourism operators, Metro and the wider community to advise them of the interruptions.