Nutrition Tips from Champion Clark

December 14, 2019

The 2019 Hobart Run The Bridge women's champion Milly Clark isn't just a great athlete, she's also a practicing Dietician. She's also personally managed by Epic Events and Marketing who organise our race.

We caught up with Milly recently to get some nutritional tips as you go about your training.

No doubt some warm weather and indulging in the good stuff is coming up this summer for you, but here's 3 tips from Milly to help you out.

1. Hydration is key - especially in summer. It is important to know that we sweat out many essential electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium and calcium. Replacing with water will not be enough to keep you "hydrated". Whenever you replace fluids, be sure to replace the electrolytes you lose as well. Popping an electrolyte tablet such as KODA or Hydralyte will ensure you are fully hydrated.

2. Eating well after a hard training session will ensure you further increase your fitness levels ready for race day. After an interval session or long run, don't skimp on the carbohydrates! If you are after a 5 or 10km - carbohydrates will be the power to get you there. Foods like rice, potato, corn, sweet potato, wholemeal breads, milk and yoghurt or fruit are great options following a tough training session

3. Try not to eat anything too close to the race start on race day. You want blood flowing to your muscles and generating speed rather than going towards digesting food in your stomach. Ensure the last meal is either late night before the race, or 2 hours before the gun goes off.

Milly is the current Oceania 10km and marathon champion, after placing second at this years Gold Coast Marathon in a personal best of 2:28:08. She was also Australia's top placed marathoner at the Rio Olympics. 18th across the line, but two have been done for drugs, so we say she was 16th!

She also recently did a presentation for the Tasmanian Road Runners and the Cadbury Marathon. Head over to the Tas Road Runners facebook page to view the video if you're keen.