Festive Season Running Tips

With the festive season upon us, it’s easy to slip into new habits that aren’t always good for our running fitness.
November 30, 2023

Struggle to stay committed over the festive season, here we go with a couple of pointers that might help;


1.    Set realistic expectations – so you might be working less, but you’ll likely get pulled in other new directions, family, friends and various social occasions.  So be real with yourself on whether you’ll really be able to commit to your training goals in advance.  Only you will really know.

2.    Be flexible – So Christmas is a Sunday, are you really going to get a massive long run done when everyone wants to open presents?  Be prepared to drop back to a shorter run on Christmas Day if you must, then get up a bit earlier on BoxingDay to get that long run done (and burn off the excess energy intake from the day before)

3.    Prepare to maintain, not advance – Christmas isa fun, but often stressful/hectic period. Honestly, if you make it to the second week of January injury free and just as fit as you went in, that’s a win.

4.    Make plans – schedule a run or two with mates and let your family know in advance. Midday on Christmas Day is probably a poor call for picking a time to meet your mates for a run.  But let your family know ‘I’m meeting Joe for a jog on Tuesday morning at the park’ is less likely to lose you brownie points in the homestead if you give advanced notice.

5.    Don’t make up on lost training – if you miss training, don’t do double the next day. Catch-up training only makes you extra tired and risks the chance of injury.  If you’re going to miss a run, try and spot it a longer way out.  You might be out shopping or socialising, so be a bit sneaky and park further away from your destination so you can get a longer than usual walk in, or join in that kids game of backyard cricket and run extra hard between the wickets!

6.    Pick an event – this story was emailed to many thousands of people and we know you’re not all entered in an event.  So if you’re reading this and haven’t committed to your next event, give it some thought and start preparing in earnest for that next goal

7.    Last minute gifts – drop hints around the house for running goodies.  There’s so much to choose from; shoes, socks, clothes, vouchers, sunnies, hats, watch, race entry, running belt, club membership, travel voucher to the next race.  They're all sweet little Santa gifts to the novice and experienced runner.

8.    Use prezzies as an excuse – ‘just gotta test out my new watch on a run’ would be a sweet way to start Boxing Day right….  No better way to be motivated to run, so be sure to put those new toys to the test.

9.    Heading away, pack right – lucky enough to be sleeping elsewhere over Christmas?  Then pack ready to run.  Of course depending on your location, but pick clothing you can easily put in the wash and dry quickly when you’re on the move.  Don’t pack your favourite running gear, as it’ll end up being a stink-bomb in your suitcase on the way home anyway!

10.  Try a new route – with the change in routine, mix it up and try to find someone new to run.  Easy if you’re away on holidays, but challenge yourself if you’re staying home to head to a new suburb and try a different path or trail.  Even better, take a mate and go exploring.


There you go, 10 random tips to keep you moving this festive season.


Merry Christmas from Epic Events and Marketing!